Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I like/need right now

This is primarily a baby post.  So I totally understand if you are not interested and click away.

You may do so now.......

OR you do you want to just check it out.  New niece or nephew... ??
Another annoying friend with a kid that you have to buy a gift for this weekend??

Here we go:

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is the way to go for the cheaper alternative to a rocker and of course you can bounce the time away on this thing...  It may not be pretty but it is a game changer for late nights and your BACK!

Skip Hop's Farmyard Activity Mat has been great for my little one's tummy time.

Flensted Mobiles are unbelievable.  You can order a selection online at places like giggle or
all modern.

Petit Bateau is ON SALE.  Go forth and shop for your little one.  Prices are great.

This Gentle Giraffe  sound machine has already saved me from the gardeners working next door and masive construction on our street.  Crank this thing up and let the baby fall asleep.  Thank You Cloud B.

Under the Nile makes these great soft teething veggie plush toys.  They come in a small crate and basket.  Little man is already into the carrot and beans!

For Mama:
Best gift to myself Aesop products.  When you are able to steal five minutes for a shower their body cleansers are a dream.  Currently enjoying their Geranium Leaf.  You can find them at their site or Barney's.

Sarah x

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