Monday, January 2, 2012

The Passy

Happy and Healthy New Year to all my friends out there... It was a fun filled holiday with family out here in LA. The little man enjoyed his cousins and long stroller naps walking on the beach in Santa Monica.

Thought I would share my love of the Pacifier clip.  Now let me start by saying I was not into giving Sonny a pacifier at first.  I thought it was not natural blah blah blah.  That went out the window when I realized my kid is a sucker.  So unless I was ready to breastfeed all day/night I was prepared to have him use one.  I had yet to see any clips I liked that were just a simple way to make sure the damn thing does not fall on the ground every two seconds.

I think I literally Googled "pacifier clips" and came across the site Baby Bintz
They sell some elaborate ones with beads but also carry simple pieces of ribbon (and yes if I had the time I am sure I could make these).  But, instead I turn to the all powerful and mighty Internet to help me.

Hope your 2012 is off to a good start.  I personally am glad they caught the balding yet has a ponytail (please explain??) man starting car fires all over my neighborhood.

Sarah x

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