Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hold up...wait a minute...

(Standard Goods)

(RTH via hypebeast)

New finds..
New favorite store's alert...

Standard Goods and RTH

Both insanely creative and just plain awesome.

Standard Goods is your go to shop for the perfect "boyfriend" or "husband" gift. 
Or just the right place to buy a gift for the guy YOU WANT to be your boyfriend or husband.  Among many housewares and some clothes are perfectly curated vintage finds, cool new socks(a collaboration with RTH) and a small but fabulous selection of my favorite Aesop products...

RTH has incredible leather goods and gorgeous jewelry. 
Also get on the kilt pin bandwagon.  They sell them in all different colors and styles.
Small store...but a must for anyone who has the love for Double RL styling
(the owner Rene worked for them) and looking like you made it back from your cool aunt's Santa Fe ranch with half her wardrobe.

I am smitten and so thrilled these stores represent what LA can be about...smart people bringing unique fashion and style to a city where girls still where Ugg boots in 80 degree weather.

Thanks guys!!!  Your new fan...

Sarah x

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