Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clean you Closet. You have visitors.

My dear friend Crystal Meers was featured recently on Jeana Sohn blog series,
"Closet Visit".  You know that friend you have that after you leave them you go buy something they talked about or were wearing?  That's Crystal!!!!

The closet visits showcase interesting and fashionable ladies in Los Angeles.  Crystal fits into that category perfectly.  As she says about her own personal fashion it's a mix of "New England and French new wave".  It also helps that her fiance (himself a dope man of style) is a famous costume designer.  So the two of them are always rocking something killer. 

The photos above are two of my favorite from the shoot.  The one with the chunky cable knit sweater and bangles (including the beautiful Hermes) is "very Crystal".

A super talented writer and overall cool person. 

Even though she is always super busy!!!!

Love the series...and glad Jeana showcased this lady.

Sarah x

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