Friday, July 13, 2012

Great Baby Gift Alert

One of my favorite gifts to give a new mama is from UNDER THE NILE.
You may have seen the brand at Whole Foods.
The veggie crate and the fruit basket are the best. 
My little man was lucky to receive all these fruits and vegetables when he was born.
Now in full on teething mode, Sonny is enjoying every bite.

If you loose a fruit or veggie you can buy it individually.
Mom's/Dad's out there you know this is amazing.  Umm the "stoller drop". 
You get back to the house and realize that they tossed the toy out and you missed it!
Looking back down the streets and someone has already moved it or taken it.
Ahhhh they are sneaky those little babies!

Hope everyone is having a great summer.
More posts soon.

Sarah x

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