Friday, October 12, 2012

Traveling with the tot.

Once again we were off.
this time with our little man.

Many flights in August and September
2 of which were international
all with a crawling and almost walking baby...

Not looking for a medal or a monument but the husband and I rocked it.  Full disclosure.
We traveled internationally with my family.  So we had some help keeping him entertained.

I will start with the mantra EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT.  So some of what my little Mister likes I am sure your little one may not.

But, when traveling I say try it all!!!  This post aims more towards kids that are over 6 months.

most people who know me well associate me with with snacks.  I ALWAYS have them.
(Like for me, not the kid) Having the baby has double the snacks.  The plane ride was made a lot easier because of the list below.  It is in no particular order.  Some of the snacks I break apart into smaller pieces.

Mum Mums
That's It Fruit Bars
Happy Baby Munchies
Plum Organic Packets

Side note: international styling...In Denmark our guy ate what we ate. Finding things that he was accustomed to like yogurt and a banana were easy. But, eating the food specific to the country(Danish bread and butter were amazing!)  made the trip fun!

I brought a gallon size ziplock bag with toys.
Stacking cups, shakers, wood teether's.  Small books.  Of course on the plane he loved playing with the light button, headphones, blanket and everything else he could put in his mouth.

He is going to walk soon and I normally don't put shoes on him.  So these moccasin's are the BEST.   The Nowali Knit Moccasin

Other items I swear by:

The City Mini stroller
the easy PULL TO FOLD is key in all travel scenerios

aden and anis swaddles
I think Sonny will have these when he is 12.  They can be a blanket, a cover for the stroller or wipe up any mess.

Patagonia Diaper bag
Its not really marketed that way but I figured it would work.  Converts into backpack plus tote and also folds super small into it's own pouch!

So that is some of my travels tips...any specific questions leave a comment or email me.
Stay tuned for more fun travel, food and fashion posts.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Sarah x

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