Thursday, October 18, 2012

SH meets another SH

A little late to post this since NYC seems like it was months ago...
but this store has been on my mind.

Literally three doors down from Big Gay Ice Cream in the East Village is STILL HOUSE.

A perfectly curated homeware, jewelry and design store.
Now one of my favorite and must hit up spots in New York.
I picked up a Julie Rothman piece.  LOVE.

Sarah x

PS...BIG GAY ICE CREAM pop up truck in LA next week.  Salty Pimp.  Get it.
Look at website for all info.


  1. It is wonderful
    These are great pics...and the place is beautiful :-)
    I love your blog :x

    Welcome to my blog

  2. These ideas are perfect for shabby chic accessories and other home decor. I would most definitely try to apply some of this in my own home.

  3. This is a beautiful design for an oak vanity unit . The wooden interiors are pleasing to the eyes. Great blog!

  4. I hope my shop fitters could find great novelty items like these to make my place look better. I gotta tell you -these are real eye candies!



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