Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Store Alert in LA

My drives down third street in west hollywood have once again been useful
I saw out of the corner of my eye a new store!!  Then I get an email from Daily Candy telling me that I should go check it out.  Done.

Chay is the lifestyle store from the ultra cool Chay Wike.  Mom of two little ladies, Chay knows that being a mom and looking good should go hand and hand.

She has created a great store filled with great accessories by the likes of Kathleen
Whitaker and shoes by the ever popular Beatrice Valenzuela.

But really what stands out is Chay's own fashion line.  All this washable silk!
Jumpsuits and trench coats.  Just lovely. I was also told there is some cashmere and leather items on the way.  Her online store will be active after the New Year.

So if you are en route to the Grove from the Eastside or heading to Larchmont Village from the Westside, stop in and enjoy this great new gem.

Sarah x

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