Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Diaper Bag? How about all the other crap?

Sorry for the delay in posting.  The holiday plus multiple visitors plus child cold season has me not near the computer.  But, I think this post will make up for it...I hope..

This Kelty vintage cargo duffle bag was supposed to be the husbands diaper bag.  I have now been using it.  Still love my Patagonia tote but needed to change it up.

The bag comes in three sizes.  We own the smallest one.  It packs up really nice with enough pockets to satisfy my crazy mom needs.

I personally like the addition on a crossbody strap. Preferably one that can be taken off/unhooked if needed.  Great for putting over the stroller.  Just watch to not overload the bag.  It could tip stroller if not locked in place.

Trust me.  Super mom here has had it happen many a times.

Other bags my friends swear by:



Special shout out to for helping me find all these bags.
Sarah x

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