Friday, March 15, 2013

Have snacks will travel....

So it was that time again.
Traveling with the tot.
This time we have a walking, snacking machine.
We went to Miami for the South Beach Food & Wine festival.
The festival put us up at the Fountainbleau
Being on the beach a plus.  Being at hotel that is like Vegas...not my favorite thing.

My notes:

If you can afford it DO IT.  I won't get on my high horse on the safety issues.
But a LAP CHILD at one and a half?  Come on people.

I am still mastering the whole travel with a big car seat situation but the Brica Roll n' Go saved my life. You check your stroller (read below) and when you get out of your car or cab that you took to the airport you strap this roller onto the car seat.  Done.  Now you have a stroller car seat.  Yes, they make an all in one (you may click here...) but it's not that great.  Trust me, I did the research already for you. 

The car seat I used for this trip....a  Britax Marathon Classic
Issue: You can only really get it at Target for some reason.  It's safe, light(ish) and most importantly EASY TO USE.

He ate the whole time.
Say what you will about kids and snacking but a cross country flight means all rules are out.
I brought  a small little cooler bag and an ice pack.
That way I could bring milk and some fresh fruit on the plane.
I am SERIOUS about my snacks.
Horizon's milk boxes
In LAX they did a full pat down of me at security.
Due to the milk carton not being see through.
In Miami I just put it through the scanner.
Sonny drank it.  So it was worth it.

My other snacks:  
Plum Organics Food pouches (he still loves them)
Kashi Breakfast bars
Just Fruit or Whole Food or Trader Joes freeze dried fruit
Annie's Chedder Bunnies
Late July Peanut Butter sandwich crackers

I love experimenting with snacks for him.

Checked (for FREE) the City Mini stroller.
BUT I put it in the City mini travel bag

Wheels come off of City Mini stroller (so easy I promise) and everything fits into this bag.
Warning: If you want to shove more stuff in the bag don't over pack. They will charge you for an extra bag if they check.  A nice skycap told me this information.

Sonny has a LL BEAN roller duffle.

On the plane we take one bag for him and one for me.  I go backpack. That way I am handsfree.  I used my trustworthy Patagonia bag.  Though I would maybe go for a bigger backpack next time.

The ipad was loaded with lots of app's and tv shows.
He did not nap which was INSANE.  Four hours to Miami and five and a half on the way home.  That's right 5 1/2  Crazy.  He was so distracted by all the passengers and overhead announcements.  As soon as the plane hit the ground he fell alseep....and the and from the airports.  OF COURSE!!

Other quick tips I got from friends and internet research:

-bring close pins to shut the heavy drapes/shades in the room.
Totally worked and glad I had them.

-blue painters tape to seal up the outlets.  Obviously if your child is old enough to pull of the tape then this is not necessary.

More questions email me...
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sarah x

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