Wednesday, September 4, 2013

David Webb Jewelry: My current Inspiration

I know,  I know you all have missed me.  Well what can I say...I took the summer off.
Though with 100 degree temperature in Los Angeles I feel like summer will linger for the next few weeks.

In the last few months I have been busy starting my jewelry line.  A "bespoke", shall we say, line of estate inspired creations.  It is been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I loved trying on my grandmothers and mother's jewelry and learning the history of each piece.  Pictures and more on that in a different post.

Right now my focus is counting down the days until the Ruth Peltason book on David Webb comes out.   Peltason wrote about Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Spade.  A true lover of jewels and Webb I can't wait for this almost 400 page picture book of Webb's creations.

David Webb's designs are some of the most highly collectible and expensive fine jewelry in the world.  He was a talent that some compared to the most famous artists of our time.

1stdibs has a ton of his work for sale.   It is so fun to see what is out there and has stood the test of time.  You can browse his actual pieces at the flagship store in New York.   The other boutique is in Los Angeles.  Bergdorf's also has some selection, as do many high end antique markets and dealers.  Even if not buying a piece it is worth looking at the detail and artistry involved.  And if nothing else: order the book!

Above I have picked some selects from 1stdibs.
Click pictures for direct links to site.

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