Friday, May 24, 2013

Bearded Brothers

A few things before this long weekend.

I simply blog what I like.  No advertisers, no money or products exchanged...
So sometimes I don't write for awhile but I want to make sure I am making this blog (or maybe even like a GOOP-ish journal post ) truly honest.

So here ya go...


While in Austin a few weeks ago I found these bars sitting at the counter of Jo's coffee.
As my husband says to me often, "you are THAT person.  The one the retailers dream about.  That will buy the impulse item at checkout"

Yes, that is me.  But, only if I see the value in trying it.  Or testing it out. I always want to find a good snack and energy bar.  Mom on the go, almost 2 year old.  Whatever I can eat while walking him to the park or driving my car to a playdate.

I am so happy I purchased the BEARDED BROTHERS bars.

Vegan, gluten free blah blah blah....but THEY TASTE GREAT!!

They are brother in laws based in Austin who teamed up to create these all natural energy bars.  They both are active in rock climbing and running and started making the bars for themselves.  Realizing there was a good market in Austin, they started the company.  Watch the video, read their site.  It's pretty awesome how these two created a small business.

I have tried the Colossal Coconut Mango bar.  Ate it all up.  In a couple bites.
Really fresh and perfect ingredients.

Have a good weekend.

Check out their site...order some bars.

and more posts coming soon.

Stick with me people!!

Sarah x

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