Tuesday, February 23, 2010

you are seated at...

Seating guests at a wedding is one thing...but what kind of seat to actual put them in is another whole issue. I am not talking about the ceremony(that's another post). I am talking about when you finally get to your table to eat your meal.

When doing a barn inspired wedding I was at the mercy of my fabulous wedding planner, Kim Bendeck to help me make the best of my parents backyard and a tent.. She helped me understand the price and convenience of a seat. Sometimes you really just have to comprise. Benches were not cutting it. For us they took up too much space and were not going to be as comfortable for all my older guests. But, sometimes benches are part of the building and decor like below. This bride covered the old ones with kraft paper.
(photo by Brion Hopkins courtesy of 100layercake.com)
I went for the solid and somewhat standard Chiavari Chair with a cushion. It was classic and fit in nicely with the style and the tables.Another option I love is this folding chair: (photos of chairs by Charlotte Jenks Lewis)
Whatever your options just make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Yes, people will be getting up to dance but they will also be eating and socializing. Oh and listening to your best man give his drunken speech covering your husband's college exploits but somehow transitioning into, "but you guys are the best couple".

Do you like chairs or benches?

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