Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paris Food and Drink

Sorry, I took Friday off.
Here ya go:

Cheese Shop
Androuet Cheese Shop

Michel Cluizel Chocolat

Traditional Brasserie
Brasserie Lipp (steak and fries)
Chez Henri (frog legs, little crunchy potatoes and steak)

Good Wine and Charcuterie
Les Fines Gueules (charcuterie, wine and a cool space)

Fun Wine Bar
Le Baron Rouge (met local friends from Paris here and it was a lively and fun crowd)

Expensive but worth it
L'Ami Louis(roasted chicken and escargot)
Le Duc (best dover sole)

Fun bars with pricey drinks
Hemingway Bar (the Serendipity was delicious)
Hotel Plaza Athenee (a little Sunset Blvd but fun for a $$ cocktail)

Huitrerie Regis (small place and each person must get 12 each.
So get ready to eat some insane Oysters)

Touristy but worth it
Angelina (Just go for the Hot Chocolate and a pastry)

Ice Cream
Berthillion(some of the best ice cream we have ever had..ever.
Must go to the original on the Isle St. Louis)

We went to the stand near the St Germain Metro.
Solid combinations: plain Nutella and Nutella with Banana

So there ya go...pretty much everywhere we ate in Paris. I left out places that were not so great and definetley not worthy of the money or your precious time.

Lots of American's in Paris have Blogs with food reviews etc. One of the best is David Lebovitz also Meg Zimbeck

Next up: fashion, cool stores and overview of Parisian life.

Sarah xx

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  1. Le Sigh! having fun living vicariously through your Paris posts!! Filing this away for when I can finally go back....



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